Monday, 26 March 2012

Catch up...

Haven't posted anything for a while so i thought i should...

What have i been doing? Well, enjoying the amazing weather for one thing! But also i have been volunteering down at Puppet Place working with Rusty Squid. I started a few weeks ago, doing odd jobs for them- mainly sanding wood and filling holes in wood. That was fine, i quiet like doing tasks like that, its therapeutic and every one likes a bit of therapy. But now I'm onto more exciting stuff. They had made a 3 part plaster mold around a clay sculpt. I had to take a slush cast from it with latex. A slush cast or swill cast is when you pour in the latex, swill it round and pour it out so you get a hollow cast. Now I'm neatening the casts up and fixing any imperfections.

I'm really enjoying being there. It's great being surrounded by all the creative people and their work- Green Ginger and Pickled Image have workshop spaces there too.

And Handspring are rehearsing next door. Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones came in to have a look at the space and i got to talk to them briefly. Felt so in awe by them. I feel so in awe by everyone at the workshop to be honest. I just can't imagine being that talented. They can just be like "oh, we need to make this.......there we go!"

As for my project, I'm not doing so great. In my head i know what i need to do but I'm finding it so hard to get on with things. I just keep writing lists. Lists only do so much.

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