Thursday, 15 March 2012

Making babies

I've been playing around with plasticine this afternoon, making a foetus model i can later cast when i've reformed my clay that dried out.

I made a quick armature with garden wire and sculpy for the
I used normal sculpy and then after that was cooked
I did a layer of super light sculpy.

I built up around the armature with Tiranti modelling clay.

So once my clay's back to a usable state I'm going to make a mold from plaster and take casts in latex and in wax to see what happens....

My plan is to find some shark eggs (mermaid purses you might know them better as) and cast then in wax and put the foetus inside.

Here are some other plasticine things i made today:

Scales- Texture bat for casting

More scales for texture bat- I made this by cutting away layers
But can't do this very fine and it looks quite cartoony which i don't want!

This is very fine detail- I used the edge of a knife. I need to find
something that has a similar texture but won't leave the line.

Made a fish tail for fun. Might try and cast it...

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