Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fin-tastic / Nipples

God I'm so 'punny'...

I've been making some fins for the mermaid. I tried plasticine but it just looked rubbish so I made them out of wire and masking tape. I'm tempted to make the final ones like this as they are translucent and the wire will mean it can be animated. However- the masking tape does crease so that wouldn't look very good.

The spiney dorsal fin and tail fin

Pelvic fin

Pectoral fins, pelvic fins and anal fins

I've been studying the fish bodies I got from work and diagrams of fish anatomy. I tried to boil up the fish heads and a sea bass to get all the remaining flesh off so I was left with just the skeleton, but I boiled them for too long and they fell apart. I tried to get the flesh off the brill but I realised that fish bones are mainly held together by tissue and i wouldn't have the skeleton as a whole. I don't think i can make a cast of them as I had hoped for. 

But for studies they have been pretty useful. 

I made a video of how a fish mouth works- the mechanics are so fascinating.

Gurnard heads- I'm gutted that these fell to pieces.

Also she has now got nipples. Possibly the most fiddley things to make.

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