Monday, 14 May 2012

ANimation tests

Today I made some animation tests of the mermaid prototype.
I can't get the movement right to make her appear under water. I looked at footage of dolphins but I can't achieve the graceful, weightless motion.

I found the way these creatures move inspiring. They're so bizarre! I think I need to try and take note from how these move as well as just fish. Water creatures can float mid- water, barely moving at all and then dart about and I need to capture that in my tests.

The puppet is working well but she's so light and I'm not used to animating with something as light as this. Plus she's on a rig which means she wobbles when i touch her- The rig is just a length of wire.
Tomorrow I'm going to get in to uni early and do i short but well thought about test- I should hopefully have the head and boobs done tonight. Then I need to photograph the puppet well, and ask the maquette. And do my essay, project file, dvd and presentation. No rest for the wicked, eh?

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