Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fish skeleton


I've finally managed to get a fish skeleton. It took ages and really pissed my house mates off but I've done it! I had to sacrifice the head though as I just couldn't remove all the flesh and keep it intact. I ended up putting the fish with most of the flesh picked off in the bottom of the oven for a few hours on a low heat to dry it out. I had to glue some of it back together and next I'm going to varnish it.

Once I've done that I'm gong to make a cast, but so it has a air through the middle of the spine. I'll probably try a few different materials for the cast but I'd like something that would allow it to move.
I plan to make a series of them with different faces- weird mutant fish people.

I think if I can get this done by next Wednesday, I will have 3 variations on a theme and that should, hopefully, be a nice collection of work.

I could be wrong. I'm bricking it about next week....

Studying the jaw movement. 

Fish skin is pretty tough

I started noticing all these little
spiney details. 
Texture and colours- useful for my puppets

At work we've had a few lobsters so I took some photos of their shell texture as I think it would be good for the puppet skin. It's also just really beautiful.

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