Monday, 27 August 2012

Asylum 2012

So.... this summer I haven't done too much (as in I haven't done the things I told myself I was going to do this summer: finish my mermaid puppet, make lots of trial puppets, do shit loads of drawing, learn to drive, go to the dentist etc)

But I have done a week of volunteering with Kneehigh at their summer hang out- The Asylum

I have been helping out with the Kneehigh Ramblers, a small show set on a cart that will travel around village halls this winter. The show is made up of short stories written by Anna Maria Murphy and performed by Giles King, Anna Murphy, Simon Harvey and Sarah Wright. Wright performs puppets throughout the show- puppets made by her mother Lyndie Wright from Little Angel Theatre.
The puppets were so beautiful and Sarah performs them so well. I did have a little play with them- doing tightrope balancing acts. I also met another puppeteer from Little Angel called Rachel- she had just been performing the giant puppets at the Olympics opening ceremony. It was great to be able to cant with her about how she got into the industry.

As well as helping the Ramblers (i was painting sets for them and helping out with directing) i also painted up the front of house and behind the musician stage. I painted the doorways like toy theatres with woodland creatures playing musical instruments. I have to wait for the photos though as i managed to break my camera this summer (on a roll)

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