Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mermaid Sculpt

I've started my initial sculpt for my mermaid character. Its going well, I've adapted it slightly from the drawing- mostly just the face- because it looked odd in 3D and what I've changed looks more fish like.

Getting started...

Twisting wire using a drill

I made the armature so it had a rig to sup end the model from
its back rather than secure it to the base at the feet.
(Doesn't have any feet, got a tail...)

Building up the body. I started on joints to make them strong before
working on the rest. I'm using Tiranti modelling  clay,
which is Plasticine with wax and gives you
a nice smooth finish and good detail.

I've used masking tape to bulk out larger parts and to save

I've altered the face from my initial drawing. I've taken the neck
in a lot and shortened the 'nose' and back of the head.
I tend to draw quite flat so I find I get abetter idea
of things if I sculpt them. 3D sketching.

I've just used newspaper and masking tape wrapped
really tightly round the tail wire. I have to make
sure it is tight so it doesn't move
around when I add the Plascticne.

I've been using tiny amount of turps to smoothen the clay.
Wear your hair up when use do this, I keep dipping the ends of my
hair in it by accident...and then using the stove...

 So half-ish way there... been working on it for 2 and a half days. There's still much to be done- hands, tail (which i also need to finish designing), fins, hair.

I've made a time-lapse video of me working....

The quality isn't very good. This is only a bit of it. Will up load full...

It's so nice to finally be getting started. I've been so unmotivated for ages. Once I've done this I plan to make one with sculpy head and hands and look more at the tail armature. Then when I have a good armature, I'll make a puppet with foam body and a latex cast head.

Watch This Space.

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