Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hmmmmm...things might be changing....

Why does this always happen? I've taken so long to get into this project and now at he last minute I have changed style. I don't know what its all going to look like when I do my presentation.

I've made some sculpts from those doodles in an earlier post. And I sort of prefer what I've done so far.

 Making things from Sculpy- I think its nicer to sculpt in than plasticine because its not as malleable and things stay where you want them.

I found a crane claw so made a little carb man for fun

I painted detail on with acrylic paint

I made the eye sockets slope inwards so that when I painted
the pupils they would move when the head was moved. It looks
like she's keeping a watchful eye on you.

Starting to build an armature

I used Cotton bud sticks to make the 'bone' parts and also as a join for the neck and head so i can remove the head when sculpting.

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