Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I hate making hands in plasticine. Every time I make a model in plasticine, i give up when i get to the hands. Its something I need to get over. I made some hands from wire, tights and latex. They're not the right size for my mermaid though so I'll just keep them as a test.

I didn't have any thin foam that Mary used in a demo for making puppet hands (you soak it in latex and press it around the armature then dip the whole thing in dipping latex).
So I used an old pair of tights, not as absorbent but did work, sort of...

I remember at a workshop at Puppet Place, Mary said to make sure the latex doesn't gather between the fingers or you end up with webbed hands. I deliberately made sure it did this and got some webbed hands!

I made palms out of tape and plasticine

Copydex and tights

Latex skin and webbed hands

I like that the latex lets light through.

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