Wednesday, 9 May 2012

More thoughts on hair...

I've been playing around with the hair for my mermaid sculpt and actually the seaweed i made in plasticine is too thick. It does look out of proportion and more like comic dreadlocks. Not good.

So I tired a couple of different materials:

  • Wool and wire
  • Wool, wire and Copydex
  • Wool and Copydex
  • Wire and latex
  • Wire and masking tape

Left: with wire. The Copydex dries clearer but still looks
a bit manky. Im trying to get a better photos but
my camera is being a sh*t.

Latex and wire.

Masking tape and wire. I used a scalpel to cant away to make silhouette
shapes. I think this is the best looking. Also the wire means it could be
animated. Proportionally, it works on the
model too.
I'm going to dip it in latex and see
what happens....

the latex and wire fully dry. Its quite
difficult to control the shape of the latex.

Wire, wool and
Copydex dry...
I've just finished dipping masking tape and wire into latex and let it dry. Its great! Im so happy with the result, I've just coloured the masking tape on another one and dipped it and now its drying so I'l look at it tomorrow, but here's the others...

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