Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gentle Mystics- Spiralling Breeze...The best music video I have seen in a long time..

After an afternoon of lying in the september sun, quietly hallucinating, I was shown this. It just made me want to be part of it, to create something along this lines. Creeping about the woods in weird homemade costumes- creatures that belong in a mushroom trip. Who needs drugs? I should just make the stuff physically. Gosh, what an epiphany...

Gentle Mystics- "Spiralling Breeze"

Not only is the song great but I love the stop motion puppets and the costume. It reminds me of the tiger Lillies- a bizarre cabaret act I saw when i was younger. It shows me that you can still create amazing things from basic materials. When i was little and my parents worked with Kneehigh Theatre- everything was made from what they could find and source from scrap stores. And as much as I love well funded projects that use top notch materials and techniques- a bit of paper mache and latex works wonders.
After all, Im gonna be pretty poor for a while so I may as well use what i can get my hands on...

Any too, Im setting up a Linkedin account to try and get in touch with the director- Oliver David and the artistic director Nompi.
Watch this space.

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