Saturday, 22 September 2012

Shadow story board...

I had a commission to do a simple story board for a shadow puppet play that would accompany a short story read at a story telling night as part of Paul Feast, Cornwall.
The story is written by Anna Maria Murphy (writer for Kneehigh, Rogue Theatre). The premise for the shadow play is to illustrate the story. So she didn't want it over complicated. I thought about how it will be performed and how many scene changes are possible in a short amount of time.

I also tried to show the design in the story board. Some of the backgrounds are more translucent- i did it like that so you could see where the characters are placed, but i said in the email to Anna Murphy that it might look good if the back ground was paler than the characters to give it more depth. But also that is the person who is making the puppets and scenery to decide in the end- due to materials at hand. (low budget and time) I made suggestions on how the puppets could move and also for the pantry filled with preserves, i thought if it was made using coloured acetate it would have a glowing affect with the backlight- perfect for the script.
I did this in a day- had to turn it out really quickly.

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